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Frequently Asked Questions



Can I mix Smartfert with other fertilisers?


Yes, because Smartfert has a protective membrane and it can be mixed with other fertilisers. We are not aware of reaction issues, however it is best to mix a small amount first to see if there could be a problem.

Does Smartfert release nutrients in the dry?


Smartfert requires soil moisture to work. Moisture is absorbed through the membrane dissolving the fertiliser nutrients which are then released back out through the  membrane. Without moisture, this process cannot occur and the nutrients are not released.

Will I get a rapid response after application like I see with straight urea?


The response from Smartfert will be slower than when applying urea, however the results will be over 3 months compared to urea which gives a growth response on the first month following application.

How long will I see the Smartfert prills in the soil after application?


The Smartfert granular will be visible for some  time after application. Initially after absorbing moisture, the granular becomes opaque. Once the nutrients are released the empty membrane will remain in the soil until it breaks down to soil particles.

Does Smartfert need to be worked into the soil?


Smartfert will begin releasing nutrients once it is in contact with moist soil. It does not need to be incorporated into the soil. However if it is incorporated, the soil around the Smartfert granular is less likely to dry out and so the nutrient release will be more consistent.

How does Smartfert work?


Smartfert has a unique membrane that encapsulates the fertiliser granular. This membrane allows water to diffuse into the granule, dissolving the nutrients. The nutrients are liquefied and released back out through the membrane over time with osmotic pressure. It is important that adequate soil moisture is available to ensure this process occurs.

Can I damage the membrane?


It is important to minimise excessive abrasive handling that may damage the membrane.  Belt and bucket handling equipment should be preferred to augers. Larger volumes of product will provide a buffer to abrasion and damage to the products membrane.

How long can Smartfert be stored?


As Smartfert's thin membrane, does not absorb moisture from the air and remains free flowing when in storage. Smartfert remains free flowing even after extended time in storage.

Can I drill Smartfert near seeds?


Smartfert’s membrane restricts the release of the fertiliser salts that can cause damage to germinating seeds.  As a guide, Smartfert can generally be drilled near seed, however the rate of application, seed type and general growing conditions must be considered.

When is the best time to apply Smartfert to a crop?


Smartfert can be applied at the time of planting. The lag of a few weeks before the release of nutrients,  fits well into period when the seeds are germinating and crop establishment. As the nutrient demand for the crop increases, Smartfert will be releasing nutrients to meet this demand.

What is the difference between Smartfert and SustaiN?


Smartfert is very different. Smartfert is a true Control Release urea nitrogen fertiliser using a physical membrane barrier between the nutrient and the outside environment. When the prill is moistened the membrane allows release of nutrients to the soil, when it dries this stops.

SustaiN is urea sprayed with urease inhibitor that may slow the microbial activities in an attempt to reduce ammonia volatilisation. Losses still occur.

Do all coatings work the same?


No, there are a variety of coatings available on fertilisers, Smartfert is a true Control Release nitrogen fertiliser with a physical membrane that controls the release of nutrient. Other fertiliser coatings are either sprayed on such as urease inhibitors or rely on the coating being broken to release the nutrient. 

Will a broadcast dressing of Smartfert perform effectively for Maize?


Yes, but it is important to apply the dressing as soon as possible after sowing to allow time to work. If the soil dries excessively results will be less consistent. 

What happens to Smartfert in heavy rain event?


The Smartfert granular will not flush nitrogen. The nutrient can only diffuse through the membrane at a given speed. Provided the prill is not removed in flood water the Smartfert  will still be there to do its job!

Will Smartfert flow from silos?


Yes Smartfert will flow from the silo, however avoid prolonged storage.

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