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Smartfert contains 44% Nitrogen and optimises the supply of nitrogen to ensure maximum crop production.
Smartfert uses biodegradable coating technology to encapsulate a urea granular.
The membrane releases the nitrogen gradually as the plant requires it. This process, known as Control Release Fertiliser (CRF), ensures there is less opportunity for the nitrogen to be leached or lost through volatilisation and gives the plant a significantly better chance of utilising all the applied fertiliser.
Smartfert has been trialed in New Zealand since 2010 as a supply of nitrogen on pasture,  maize and sweet corn crops.
Smartfert trials:
Are commercial size field treatments.
Compare Smartfert to Standard Urea.
              Compare lower rates of nitrogen using Smartfert.
Compare Smartfert as a base dressing versus top dressing.
Are measured by yield off the harvester or pre-harvest assessment.
Smartfert provides economic and environmental benefits:
  • All nitrogen can be applied at or before planting.
  • Applied crop nitrogen can be reduced.
  • Saving in operational costs.
  • Overall cost benefits favour Smartfert N.
The application rates for Smartfert will depend on the crop nitrogen required after taking into account the residual nitrogen, the soil type and the amount of starter NPK fertliser used.
The rate of Smartfert should then be calculated on being 65-75% of the rate of Standard Urea.
Application can be either as pre-plant/dual fert or as a side-dress/top-dress.
Pre-plant, dual fert or starter fert:
Smartfert can be applied just prior to or at the time of planting with the base fertiliser, mixed with the starter fertiliser or applied from a separate fertiliser box at planting.
Top-dress or side-dress:
Smartfert is applied as soon after planting as possible.
Side dressing of Smartfert is carried out once the rows are visible and the application can be completed without damaging the crop.
Top- Dressing of Smartfert can be applied any time after sowing of the crop.
There is no requirement for Smartfert applications to coincide with to rain.
Surface applied Smartfert requires surface moisture to release the nitrogen.
Prolonged dry periods may delay the release of the nitrogen from the fertiliser prill.

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This graph plots the release of nitrogen from Smartfert + SustaiN over the growth and subsequent nitrogen demand of the crop.
Smartfert + SustaiN applied with the base fertiliser or alternatively Smartfert combined with a starter fertiliser such as DAP/12.10.10 is a good combination allowing all the nitrogen needed to be applied at planting and removing the need for follow up side dressing of urea or C.A.N.
Smartfert releases its nitrogen as the plant requires it reducing the chance of nitrogen losses such as nitrate leaching.

Smartfert Provides a number of advantages that include:


  • A greater yield from each kilo of nitrogen applied.
  • A readily available supply of plant available nitrogen.
  • Reduced application costs.
  • Less damage to the environment.
  • Reduced stress on the farmer.


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