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Smartfert for Pasture

Smartfert has been applied successfully to New Zealand pastures since 2011. A robust applied science based program under the guidance of Dr Doug Edmeades has supported the development of Smartfert into pastoral farming systems.   

Some benefits of using Smartfert

  • Provides a Dry Matter response for an average of 100 days. 

  • A greater yield from each kilo of nitrogen applied.

  • A readily available supply of plant available nitrogen.

  • Encourage plant diversity with more vigorous clover.

  • Reduced application costs.

  • Blends with other fertilisers.

  • Less nitrogen lost from volatilisation and leaching.

  • Reduced impact on the environment.

  • Reduced stress on the farmer.

Smartfert Trial Summary.

Smartfert trial with a spring application of nitrogen over 4 months from August until December on farms in Northland and Bay of Plenty shows a 100 days  growth response with an increase in soil nitrogen and an even % of herbage N. 

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Dry Matter respones from Smartfert over 100 days compered to urea which gives a pulse of growth lasting 35-40 days with latent negative growth after approx 90 days. 

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Smartfert trial results show a 25% increase in soil available nitrogen compered with urea.

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Trial results shows Smartfert treatments have an overall even % herbage nitrogen compered to urea which has a peek at around 30 days, at the time when dairy pastor normally is grazed. 
Guide for Pasture Production.


Smartfert should be applied as part of an overall nitrogen fertiliser programme. It can be either applied on its own or mixed with other fertilisers.


Smartfert plus SOA will provide both quick release nitrogen with sulphur and longer term control release nitrogen from Smartfert.


Smartfert plus urea provides both quick release nitrogen and longer term control release nitrogen from Smartfert.


Smartfert can be mixed with lime and or other NPK fertiliser as part of the farms fertiliser maintenance programme ensuring a source of long term control release nitrogen from Smartfert.


Smartfert application does not rely on imminent rain and can be applied when ideal spreading conditions prevail.


Smartfertstops releasing the nitrogen when dry weather and continues when it rains.


Smartfert in the prill remains available in wet conditions.


Apply Smartfert at 70-130kg/ha.
Re-apply after 90-100 days.
To prevent stock ingesting Smartfert apply Smartfert following grazing. 
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