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Growing Forests with  Smartfert NPK &  Smartfert  N
Smartfert uses biodegradable coating technology to encapsulate a urea granular.
The membrane releases the nutrients gradually as the plant requires it.
This process, known as Control Release Fertiliser (CRF), ensures there is less opportunity for the losses from leaching giving the plant a significantly better chance of utilising all the applied fertiliser.

for the Forest Nursery

Smartfert NPK  applied as one application prior to sowing, was compared to the nurseries standard fertiliser programme of applying compound NPK and CAN as 6 weekly side dressings starting once the crop has emerged with a total of 3 applications.
Smartfert NPK produced as many trees 6 mm and over and the trees were in a tighter band of size, with less out of size trees.


for the Forest Plantation

Smartfert N applied @ 150kg / ha as one application by helicopter on 14 year pines.
This was compared to the standard practice in this forest of applying 400kg / ha of urea at the same growth stage.
The crop was monitored over the following two years.
  • Smartfert N treatments reduced the applied N by 64%
  • There was no significant difference in the residual N between the 2 nitrogen treatments
  • There are significant savings to the forest owners in application and product costs by using Smartfert N.

in Forestry

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