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Reporoa farmer Mat Martelli has been using Smartfert control release nitrogen fertiliser to ensure a quality crop of Chicory (variety Choice) is grown for summer feed,

“I have been using Smartfert since 2014 with great success. It complements the nitrogen demand of the crop perfectly providing continuous growth from drilling in late October to the last grazing late March”.

“Crop establishment methods have been both by traditional cultivation and by minimum tillage. We cultivated with an initial discing and Smartfert was applied mixed in the base fertiliser before a final power harrow and drilling. Last year we tried minimum tillage with direct drilling the crop. Smartfert was mixed with DAP and put down the spout at time of sowing.  Both methods have given very good results.”

“For us, the big advantage using Smartfert is the crop does not require further applications of nitrogen following each grazing. Once drilled, the crop looks after itself growing strongly through to the final grazing.”

“This year we are also using Smartfert in our maize crop. It will be applied pre-plant and eliminating the expense and hassle of side dressing once the crop is established.” 

Mat Martelli, Reporoa



Ronnie Van Vugt has been applying Smartfert control release nitrogen fertiliser to his forage maize crop since 2013.

“It's just easy. We use 12-10-10 when planting the maize then within a week, go in and spread 250kg/ha of Smartfert and that is all the crop's nitrogen. We have been growing maize in combination with winter rye in the same paddock for 6 years. Using Smartfert the crops have shown no evidence of nitrogen deficiency, in fact they are getting better over time". 

"The big advantage with Smartfert is cutting out the standard practice of applying urea when the crop is establish, this has removed the worry of timing and saving on crop damage”.

Van Vugt Brothers, Gordon Town Waikato

Alex Bing, Life style farmer of Muriwai collects Smartfert for his farms annual application of nitrogen.
Farming 13ha of sandy loam with a mix of deer, sheep and beef, Alex applies Smartfert at 80kg / ha in the spring which ensures good pasture growth through to mid- summer.
Since using Smartfert, Alex comments get such good grass growth, there is now no longer a need to purchase hay, this is so easy, a single application and the job is done
Alex Bing, Muriwai Lifestyle Farmer
“We have been using Smartfert since 2012 and found it very beneficial to our farming operation both timewise and financially as it is control release and it only needs applying every 3 months and at 50% of the rate you would normally apply which still give us good growth rates. Another great feature about this product is you can apply it at any time as it does not have to be raining as it is moisture activated. We do the whole farm at once before the rain at my convenience.”
Anthony and Kerrie Pollock, Waikato Dairy Farmers
“I find Smartfert N a wonderful management tool. I get it on in the autumn and get the nitrogen response from mid to late winter and into the spring. The grass keeps green and growing even during the cold periods. Normally it is wet in the late winter early spring and no one can get their nitrogen on. But in my case, with Smartfert N the nitrogen is already there and available.”
Willie Duncan, Rangitikei Dairy Farmer


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